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about lil' Vegerie

lil’ Vegerie is a chef-driven, plant inspired take-out restaurant where eating

clean is delicious and easy. We serve bowls, salads, freshly crafted juices & more. Everything on our menu is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and we avoid processed ingredients every chance we get. We believe eating more plants creates a healthier and happier world for everyone.

Come eat with us! 

This is an image of the "Ahi Beet Poke bowl" which is on lil' Vegerie's vegan menu.


heal the world through enjoyable food by making clean eating fun and easy.

Organic Beetroots


  • a mecca of high-quality, delicious and nutrient-dense plant-based eating in an uplifting, welcoming, fast-casual setting where every choice is a positive one.

  • a safe-haven for people searching for vegan cuisine that's quick, conscious and delicious all at the same time.  

  • an inspiring design that brings Mother Nature to life and opens the heart. 

This is an image of the "Philly cheesesteak bowl" which is on lil' Vegerie's vegan menu.
carne asada Eileen pic_edited.jpg
This is an image of one of lil' Vegerie's most popular menu items known as the "Mushroom Carne Asada."


  • provide vegan, gluten-free and soy-free cuisine.  

  • eliminate harmful oils such as canola and cottonseed. 

  • maintain high standards for ingredients to promote well-being. 



  • food should be delicious and work with your body, not against it.

  • Eating more plants promotes well-being.

  • Universal energy and connectedness; serving healthy food uplifts the community.

  • most “healthy food” isn’t actually health-filled food; we have higher standards for ingredients, preparation, and honesty. 

This is an image of the Harvest Salad which is on lil' Vegerie's vegan menu.
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