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Chef Eileen

This is a photo of Chef Eileen who designed lil' Vegerie's menu.

Meet Chef Eileen:

This is the chef behind the magic of our menu! We are so lucky we found Eileen who has 20+ years of experience in restaurants along with her own private practice as a vegan Health Coach in Arizona that supports people with private coaching, weekly meal plans and provides support for people with chronic illness who are ready to change their diet and lifestyle. 

We knew Chef Eileen was the perfect fit to take the vision for our menu and design it to her level of expertise. We love how big her heart is and her passionate spirit for vegan cuisine with the ability to cater to a wide variety of people, some of which may not be interested in plant derived meals and others who are vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian---everything is safe with Eileen who has worked with pretty much everyone along the way.


So thank you Eileen! We are so unbelievably grateful to have you as our creative menu consultant for lil' Vegerie! We know you will be opening more restaurants with us in the future and we know your own healing practice will take everyone you meet to a higher level! 


Chef Eileen's Bio: 

I went vegan in 2014 as a response to an animal rights video that my boyfriend showed me. It was his idea to go vegan, and he did not have trouble convincing me. I did, however, have to rethink my approach to food and ingredients.

I always loved cooking but never considered doing it as a profession until college. I started serving in a fine dining restaurant in Scottsdale and it was there that I connected with the most talented chef I have ever met. I started to learn with her and refine the way I cooked. I began to look at food as art on a plate. I saw every ingredient with a purpose of balance or contrast. I began to see all the colors and textures on a plate with a new eye. A chef’s eye.


It wasn’t until I went vegan years later that my love for cooking, and my passion for creating incredible vegan food for both meat-eaters and vegans fused. A well-established celebrity chef moved in with me shortly after I went vegan and I began cooking with her for her clients. This immediately gave me exposure to a whole new world of clients in my career. I worked with her and other talented vegan chefs for years and years, learning different skills or crafts from them.

Over the years, I expanded my offerings from meal deliveries to an entire catering side of my business. My experience includes catering large-scale NBA dinners, wellness retreats, large weddings, and film productions. I am lucky enough to have been the food stylist on commercials for Veggie Grille and was able to offer vegan craft services on set. I am so honored to be developing the menu for lil' Vegerie in Redondo Beach, CA. 

Lil’ Vegerie was a project that combined all of my experience professionally with my passions. Of all my professional endeavors what I am most proud of is working with people that are suffering from illnesses. I have cooked for people with breast cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and diabetes. I have helped people get better from these diseases as well. Working with people with a disease is what really drives me, because I have seen people get better time and time again by adjusting their lifestyle, and what they eat. Therefore, developing the menu for this new restaurant felt so in alignment. The owners are mindful and committed to clean food that can heal people and prevent disease. Being able to lend my recipes to such an incredible concept was an honor.

My cookbook The Vegan Blueprints will be released later this year. It is half guide, half

cookbook: the goal being to teach anyone at any skill level how to make delicious, healthy vegan food themselves. You can check my website for release dates and ordering details.

I am here to help people rediscover food, fall in love with cooking, and to get healthy in a way that can be maintained throughout their lifetime.

This is a fun relatable photo of Chef Eileen doing a handstand on the beach on the About the Chef page.
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